Fishery Economics

Lab Seminar - Fishery subsidy in a limited-entry fishery of China

February 09, 2021
Kaiwen Wang shared his research on impact of subsidy programs. Subsidy programs are highly controversial in fishery management today. In China, a fuel subsidy program aimed in support of domestic fishing vessels starting from 2006 plays a crucial role in fishery production and vessel management ...

Lab Seminar - Within-trip fishing location choice of commercial fishermen

October 23, 2020
Xiurou Wu presented her work on spatiotemporal behavior of commercial fishermen.  Fishery production is a multi-level decision process ranging from long-run entry/exit decisions to short-run decisions about where and how to fish. In the short run, with the target species and fishing gear chosen, fishermen decide where to fish, how much to fish and when to return to the port on a given trip...