Recent News & Events

Lab Seminar - Ecological interventions to fight diseases: when objectives are misaligned

François Castonguay presented his research on ecological interventions on environmentally transmitted diseases (ETD). This is joint work with Jim Sanchirico and Chris Hoover (UCSF). Ecological interventions are nonpharmaceutical actions that individuals and communities can take to reduce disease transmission by considering the interactions among the different disease-carrying organisms and their environment.

Lab Seminar - Encouraging the defragmentation of habitat on private lands

Pierce Donovan presented his research on habitat defragmentation on private lands. Endangered species conservation is a public issue that often resides on private lands. As land is developed, habitat fragmentation weakens natural ecosystem function and decreases the probability of long-run species viability. Common solutions to this fragmentation problem involve conservation banking, trade-able development rights, or safe harbor agreements.