Environmental Economics

Lab Seminar - Hazard modelling of insect invasion risk globally—identifying the relative role of international trade and other drivers

March 16, 2021
Paul Mwebaze shared his research on invasive species coauthored with Michael Springborn. The socioeconomic and biological drivers of historical global ant invasions were investigated by fitting a Cox proportional hazards model. Invasion is a function of historical trade-flows and biogeographic factors, such as climatic similarity (CS) to the native range, and individual species life history traits...

Lab Seminar - Evaluating the Heavy Air Pollution Emergency Plan of Chengdu, China

March 02, 2021
Qian Wang shared his research on air pollution. During the past forty years, China has experienced rapid economic development. However, air pollution, a byproduct of economic growth, has become a severe problem in China. Chengdu, the largest city in western China, has also suffered from excessive air pollution, especially particulate matters. To tackle the problem ...