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Lab Seminar: "What does a fishing rights market do?"

June 11, 2019
Lab member Cameron Birchall presented his research on fishing rights market.  Despite robust evidence that catch share programs reduce the risk of fishery collapse, we do not have similarly robust evidence that catch share programs improve fishery value. Using fishing rights transactions data in New Zealand, ...

Lab Seminar: "Resilient ecosystem-based fishery management policy design requires reconciliation of micro- and macro- scale measures"

June 04, 2019
Kailin Kroetz, Fellow of Resources for the Future, presented her research on ecosystem-based fisheries management. This work is a collaboration with Matthew Reimer, James Sanchirico, Daniel Lew and Justine Huetteman. Ecosystem-based fisheries management provides a framework for incorporating ecological linkages between fisheries into policymaking. However, relatively little attention has been given to economic linkages between fisheries...

Lab Seminar: "Biases of using aggregate data to infer individual voting preferences"

May 28, 2019
Corey Lang, Associate Professor of Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, University of Rhode Island, presented his research on voting for conservation. Voting is one of the main determinants of public good provision (Fischel 2001) and an important source of data for examining revealed preferences for environmental goods. Dating back to at least Deacon and Shapiro (1975), economists have often used aggregated voting data ...