Gear type
Double-otter/Single-otter: double/single otter trawl. SST: sea surface temperature

Lab Seminar - Fishery subsidy in a limited-entry fishery of China

Kaiwen Wang shared his research on impact of subsidy programs. Subsidy programs are highly controversial in fishery management today. In China, a fuel subsidy program aimed in support of domestic fishing vessels starting from 2006 plays a crucial role in fishery production and vessel management. However, it has long been critiqued as contradicting the capacity control plan and stimulating vessel construction activities. In response, a reform program took place in 2016, aiming to reduce the overall subsidy, restrict the use of harmful gears, and decouple the subsidy with fishing capacity. Kaiwen/Kevin gathered an administrative dataset on China’s vessel management to analyze the impact of this undergoing influential reform. Preliminary results from duration analysis show that fuel subsidy may hinder the dissembling of fishing vessels.

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